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DriftwoodArts was established in 2000 by Garry Brown and operates from his workshop at WASP studios, Meadowmills, Dundee, Scotland.

He is a self employed artist who studied product design at Bristol College of Art and he has experimented with graphic design, furniture design and ceramics over the years. He is well known in the Fife, Tayside, Dundee and Perth areas of Scotland for his bespoke ranges of handcrafted driftwood clocks and cabinets.

His work includes a wide selection of items ranging from decorative, sculptural clocks and cabinets through to the the more unusual miniature driftwood houses which feature on the site.

Garry works exclusively with driftwood for two reasons. Firstly, the fabulous grains, textures and features brought out by the natural sculpting elements of water, wind, sun and sand on the wood. Secondly the wood he utilises is generally discarded timber from construction, damaged boats, fence posts, etc. that has somehow made it's way into the sea - the fact that it is discarded makes it a great source of recyclable material.

Driftwood lends itself perfectly to the forms and shapes that he has developed as his own style. Influenced by sources such as Art Noveau, the Arts and Craft Movement, artists such as Rick Griffin and Rodney Matthews and nature itself, every design is a unique product of his own imagination.

Garry is one of the few artist/craftsmen who still makes his living solely from his art and the environmental aspects of his work make this particularly unusual.

All DriftwoodArts pieces are one-off, individual and handcrafted with each piece making its own artistic and ethical statement. He has exhibited widely throughout Scotland and is a regular visitor to Pittenweem Arts Festival.