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The DriftwoodArts Help Section

This help section is fairly new and feedback on what you would like to see here would be much appreciated. We've tried to cover some of the main queries that have come up from both galleries and individuals but if there is any other information you need, please get intouch at


Problems with Clocks

Over the years Garry has made literally hundreds of clocks with (fingers crossed) very few problems but occasionally an issue does arise. If you do experience a problem with a design fault, the clock mechanism or the workings of the clock during the first year of ownership*, please contact the gallery where you made your purchase in the first instance so they can make the necessary arrangements. 

The main problems experienced with clocks to date are as follows:

  • Clock appears to be working but pendulum won’t swing
  • Clock mechanism won't work at all
  • Battery stuck

Before you return your clock, we’d ask that you check that it’s positioned on a flat surface and that the battery is working.

All pendulum clocks are checked with a spirit level before they leave Garry’s workshop but they are fairly sensitive so a slightly uneven surface, especially where the clock tilts too much to the front or back, will affect the pendulum swing.

I know checking the battery sounds a bit obvious but we have had clocks returned that only needed a new battery. We also know some people have problems replacing batteries so hope to upload some more information on this fairly soon.

If you are still experiencing problems, please get intouch.


Problems with Cabinets, Houses and other items

Some of Garry's work is extremely fragile and needs to be treated with care and we do try to pass this message on to individual purchasers and the many galleries who stock Garry's work.

Again, given the quantity of work Garry has sold over the years, there have been relatively few issues but if you have a problem with an item breaking due to a design fault within the first year of ownership*, Garry would be happy to repair it free of charge. If however it falls into the 'Damage and Breakages' catagory, there is likely to be a cost involved so please contact us to discuss further.


Damage and Breakages

Over the years we've had various requests for repairs from cats knocking clocks off mantelpieces, children breaking cabinets while they play or simply damage to Garry's work while awaiting sale.

Garry is always happy to repair any item he has made no matter how old it is but dependant on the nature of the damage, there is likely to be a charge and costs are available on request. 

Once again, please contact us at if you need any additional help.


*Garry's work is guaranteed for one year from the purchase date so please hold on to your receipt as this will act as your guarantee.